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Introducing EWAVES

What are
Elliott Waves?

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EWAVES is a First-of-a-Kind Market Forecasting Tool

It’s the only software program that uses true pattern recognition to analyze prices. While other machines use proxies in an attempt to identify waves, EWAVES is designed to recognize the actual price patterns…just as a human such as R.N Elliott, Hamilton Bolton, Robert Prechter and other world-leading human analysts would do. It does this without emotional bias or needing a coffee break. EWAVES is the future of financial market analysis.

Stay informed of our progress via EWAVES Flash

This publication is open-access, meaning it is available at no charge. We hope you will come along for the intellectual ride and enjoy the fascinating new world of EWAVES.

Get Trade Recommendations from EWAVES

Flash Services (powered by EWAVES) send you timely market recommendations and follows through with them every step of the way.

Flash scans ETFs, individual stocks, and futures markets, searching for specific conditions based on Elliott wave patterns. Each time a setup occurs, we send a Flash to you and then monitor the recommendation, updating you as needed until completion. It’s that simple.

What are Elliott Waves?

Elliott wave analysis is a time-tested method for predicting market turns and trends. In the 1920s, R.N.Elliott discovered a few price patterns which repeatedly occured. By knowing the market’s current place in the patterns, traders and investors can prepare for the next wave of price movement.

With Elliott Waves, Context Isn’t Just Key —
It Is Everything