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Over the years, the EWAVES team has been developing a computer program that interprets markets under the Elliott wave model. It does not take short-cuts such as using momentum indicators to guess at Elliott wave patterns. It identifies the patterns from the price action, as one should. Getting a computer to recognize Elliott wave forms at all degrees of trend was not easy to do. It has been a challenge. But we’ve done it.

Along with this analytical module, we have been developing a strategy module that converts the analysis to simple “buy” and “sell” alerts. This combination, while still under intensive development, is finally ready for application.

The ultimate version of EWAVES is not finished. But we have gotten the project to “beta” mode. This designation means the program is fully operable, yet we still have a long list of improvements that we are rapidly implementing.

Frankly, we have never heard of a computer program that worked reliably in calling markets. But we have an idea of why this is the case. As far as we know, all other market-calling computer programs run on “quant” parameters, which are based on the fallacy that markets adhere to quantitative norms. But the market is a fractal, as Elliott discovered and Mandelbrot proved. EWAVES is not a quant system. It is a qualitative system. It identifies Elliott wave patterns regardless of size or duration.

Our open-access publication, EWAVES Flash updates you on our progress, discusses program improvements, and shows test results.

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