Introducing EWAVES Live

A Breakthrough Elliott Wave Research Suite

Instantly scan thousands of assets to find the clearest Elliott wave patterns the markets have to offer. Then drill deeper for the most exciting Elliott wave opportunities. Put a powerful fractal recognition engine to work for you.

EWAVES access is limited to a select number of institutions.


We’ve spent years training our software program to recognize and rank Elliott waves. Now, it’s ready for prime time.

EWAVES counts are backed by tens of millions of statistical assessments of real-world market patterns. Meaning: EWAVES does not guess at Elliott waves’ relationships to each other. It knows. And every time it runs on a data set, its knowledge grows. This gives it a powerful edge against every other Elliott wave practitioner or program.

EWAVES ranks markets by their “fit” to historical Elliott wave norms, forming a metric we call elliotticity. EWAVES’ rankings enables you to instantly uncover in real time which waves are clearest across thousands of markets.

EWAVES is highly robust against variation in the markets because it is a qualitative fractal recognition system. This is in stark contrast to 99% of other technical indicators which depend on specific, often arbitrary quantitative parameters—such as the time period of a moving average.

We are preparing EWAVES for a limited number of institutions. If you’d like to hear from us as soon as it’s ready, visit the Contact page and put your name on the wait list.

What are Elliott Waves?

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“EWAVES considers only the raw data, not anyone’s market opinion. The way it operates is the epitome of unbiased wave analysis.”

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