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Are you a trader or investor looking for a better way to navigate the financial markets? Put the world’s most advanced Elliott wave pattern recognition engine to work for you. Enjoy superior analysis on thousands of markets. Rank unfolding patterns by their clarity. Use the Wave Finder to search for the most exciting real-time trading setup opportunities.

EWAVES Live is designed by and for market professionals.

About EWAVES Live

EWAVES Live is a groundbreaking tool designed for traders and investors seeking an edge in the financial markets.

Powered by our advanced EWAVES analytical engine, this platform uses cutting-edge algorithms to identify and rank the clearest Elliott wave patterns based on historical norms, a metric we call elliotticity. Unlike other tools that rely on arbitrary quantitative parameters, EWAVES leverages qualitative fractal recognition, ensuring robust and flexible analysis.

Trained on a massive database of real-world historical Elliott wave patterns, EWAVES integrates statistical knowledge unknown to even the most seasoned market veterans.

Our innovative Wave Finder feature acts as the world’s first Elliott wave search engine, scanning live markets for the most promising trading setups in real-time.

Ultimately, we built EWAVES because it’s the tool that we, as market professionals, really needed.

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