Next-Gen Analysis for Market Professionals

Analyze, rank and scan thousands of assets quickly using a world-leading Elliott wave counting engine

Robust Engine

EWAVES is a next generation analytical platform. The engine is based on over a decade of proprietary research into real-world Elliott waves.

Web Based

No software to download. The latest version is always available to you on any internet connected device.

Scanning Tools

Rank the markets to see those with the highest elliotticity. Or, use the WaveFinder to search for every developing third wave (for example) in any market. Quickly uncover opportunities.

Superior wave analysis on thousands of assets

EWAVES packs a much higher level of analytical quality than ever before achieved in machine wave analysis. When a market’s elliotticity ranking is sufficiently high, the count quality will match or exceed that of human experts, but without the bias that people often bring to the table.

EWAVES Live currently analyzes thousands of assets across multiple asset classes. But the platform can analyze any market or dataset you and your organization needs.

Getting Fast Perspective is Key

You can access EWAVES Live from any device connected to the internet.

Search by name or by symbol to instantly jump to the market you care about. Or, browse by region and asset class.

Each market has a dynamic chart on the EWAVES Live web interface. Zoom in and out of the unfolding wave to see the full analytical picture at all timescales.

World-Leading Development

EWAVES has been developed over many years with the input of world-leading Elliott wave authors and experts.

EWAVES’ unique strength is the R&D process which backs it, which focuses on studying real-world market patterns. This includes a multi-year venture to build a proprietary collection of hundreds of historical, iconic Elliott waves. Armed with this library, we have made many new discoveries about the intricate behavior of real-world Elliott waves. All of this proprietary knowledge has been integrated into our engine.

We’re continuing our research. Each time we study a new set of data, EWAVES’ knowledge base grows, and its internal models are further refined.

Assets Ranked by Elliotticity

The EWAVES engine quantifies the extent to which individual markets adhere to the Elliott wave model. We call this measure elliotticity. Elliotticity varies from 0 to 100%. The higher a market’s elliotticity, the clearer its Elliott waves.

EWAVES Live ranks markets by their elliotticity, so that you can quickly uncover the clearest wave patterns in the markets.

WaveFinder: Built-In Search Engine

If you’re a stock trader, looking at every stock in the entire Russell 3000 would not be practical.

Enter the WaveFinder, EWAVES Live’s built-in search engine. Want to find an unfolding 5th wave, following a triangle, with a large expected price move to the upside? Wave to find third waves in crypto with high elliotticity? We have your back.

Based on Qualitative Modeling

EWAVES operates qualitatively, by which we mean that it relies exclusively upon relationships among quantities within the data. This allows the engine to discern scale-invariant patterns of price-time behavior, upon which the Elliott wave fractal model is based.

The advantages of qualitative modeling are significant. The statistical properties of Elliott wave relationships are stationary, meaning they do not change over time. In contrast, non-qualitative models are statistically non-stationary, leading to eventual model burnout.

Leveraging EWAVES: Your Path to Success

There are two main models of how to leverage EWAVES Live as a tool in professional portfolio management:

1. The expert user model. To get the most out of EWAVES Live, we recommend that one of your users is an experienced Elliottician, ideally a CEWA certified analyst. Such a person can take full advantage of EWAVES Live. The results are naturally proprietary to each user due to differences between each user’s portfolio, time frames, goals and strategies.

2. The automated system model. EWAVES Live produces key data files which contain all information on unfolding Elliott waves across every market. The user can import EWAVES’ output into their own software to create signal systems. To make it easy to understand the Elliott wave data files, the data file specifications are available in the FAQ.